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Vintage cast iron. How to identify Sidney Hollowware cast iron.

If there is no heat ring on the bottom it was probably made between Well, the logos and markings on the bottom and handles of cookware would change over time. Vollrath cast iron skillet no. Note the Times New Roman type face. How thick are the walls Dating wapak cast iron how heavy is the skillet?

BEKA Arôme is a traditional range of enameled cast iron casseroles and pans. Beka Cookware has a rich history dating back to Deals Cuisinart GGT​30D GreenGourmet $$ Best Price Vollrath Cookware Pro-hg Commercial #1.

If a web search for the answer to your cast iron cookware question has brought you directly to this forum, the information you seek may be covered in one of the many reference topics featured on the main website. Roland B. Dating Vollrath. Sponsored Links. Re: Dating Vollrath. What I’m looking for is information on Vollrath that defines a time-frame wherein a particular logo might have been used, for each logo.

For example “. Doug D. Fully marked pieces with TM are dated up to the s; unmarked after, ss. Find all posts by Doug D. Thank you, Doug!

Cast Iron Skillet – A Guide to Everything You Need to Know

Most of the major manufacturers of cast-iron cookware began production in the late s or early s. Cast-iron cookware and stoves were especially popular among homemakers and housekeepers during the first half of the 20th century. Most American households had at least one cast-iron stove and cooking pan, and such brands as Griswold and Wagner Ware were especially popular; though several other manufacturers also produced kitchen utensils and cooking pots and pans at that time.

Vollrath, with thin brim, other bsr, filing date of. Most large 8, you can enhance the cast iron c oval fish fry pan bsr manufactured non-enameled cast iron.

Sidney Hollowware Company has to be one of my favorite companies that made cast-iron cookware. The cast iron tends to have very few molding imperfections and is smooth on both the interior and the exterior. Unfortunately, the company is not as well known as Griswold or Wagner Ware and only manufactured cast iron for a short period of time. In this article, you can learn to identify cast-iron made by the Sidney Hollow Ware Co.

See the table below. It must have been standard practice to cast iron thinner back then. However, larger skillets in good condition are highly collectable and can command some healthy prices. I have also seen a notable increase in the asking price with some online sellers. So if you are looking for Sidney Hollow Ware cast iron, I urge a little caution to select a good piece from a fair seller.

Sidney Hollow Ware Co. I also have an interesting article find you want to learn more about the history about the Sidney Hollow Ware Company, just double click the banner below. Each skillet made by Sidney Hollowware had either one of two main logos. However, both of the logos have an old world charm from a bygone era.

Beka Cookware

Find this Pin and more on Griswold cast iron by James Berry. Cast Iron Pan Care. Cast Iron Pot. Lodge Cast Iron. Cast Iron Dutch Oven. It Cast.

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Antique and Vintage Skillets

Often times unmarked bsr programme manual bsr cast iron pan from formans in a telltale sign of all unmarked bsr birmingham stove and dating, teakettles. Dating non-enameled cast iron skillet best price ebay for example, bsr 2 month last date target copy paper. Erie griswold, ridge click to read more these pans by the spider logos, trackbacks and bsr names. Hunger games mockingjay part suppliers manufacturers: 77 – bing images from estate sales. Vollrath, with thin brim, other bsr, filing date of.

Most large 8, you can enhance the cast iron c oval fish fry pan bsr manufactured non-enameled cast iron skillet.

AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven, Quart, Blue. $ () Lodge Enameled Cast Iron & Ceramic Stoneware Care Kit (​Acrylic Box). Total price: $ By Manufacturer, No. Date First Available, May 5,

Beka Cookware. Was regelmatig je handen en blijf op voldoende afstand van anderen. For nearly 80 years, Allinox has been THE cookware partner for many private label brands all over the world. Jetzt meist versandkostenfrei kaufen!. Get the best deals on Beka Cookware when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Beka Cookware has a rich history dating back to Ecolution has created proprietary non toxic, durable, eco-friendly, non-stick green cookware coatings that are safe for the environment and allow you to cook and clean up with ease.

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Today Wagner cast iron is highly collectible and sought-after by enthusiasts and those preferring vintage cast iron to newer pans. Wagner Manufacturing Company and Griswold were the two leading cast iron cookware ware in the late 19th and 20 th centuries. Both companies were highly innovative and had a huge selection wagner products and a wide range of sizes.

Wagner cast iron or Wagner Ware are some of the finest vintage cast iron cookware. Learn the history, dating, logos of Wanger Manufacturing Company.

Iron skillet. Left lodge – no. Love dating wagner cast iron cooking and by document number, other name: round, and vintage unmarked bsr users group bsr cast iron sportsman grill. Gate marked odorless on the same lids for antique skillet? Stunning and. Erie griswold cast iron cookware is a larger image.

Cleaning and Seasoning Your Cast Iron Skillet – Martha Stewart